Looking Back on CMU

7.8/10 too much water

Studying at Carnegie Mellon University has been a wonderful, educational, and stressful turning point in my life. I strongly emphasize that it is a “turning point.” The college experience at CMU fundamentally changed my world view and life for the better, but it was not without a lot of work... [Read More]


As more and more automation is introduced into every industry, the overall costs of programming robots with precise movement will rise in all of those industries. However, modern sensors are becoming more and more pervasive (and cheaper!). [Read More]


This is the favorite hackathon project that I’ve ever worked on. Modware contains a fairly complicated vertical stack that required a lot of handshaking between our components and also presented tons of technical challenges. To top it off, it involved a lot of hardware as well software to be worked... [Read More]