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Augmented Reality Circuit Visualizer

This project was created at TartanHacks 2017 on April 1st, 201. We won the TartanHacks Grand Prize and also won Facebook's Favorite Hack, giving us the opportunity to travel to Facebook HQ for their Global Hackathon Finals.

ResistAR is an Augmented Reality Circuit Visualizer and Solver. A user can place down circuit elements in parallel and series configurations with a voltage source and ground on either end of the circuit. Then ResistAR will solve the current through and voltage across each element. ResistAR is built using Unity3D and uses our custom Vuforia QR codes that use circuit background for orientation information. The circuit is generated by taking the 3D coordinates of each QR code and doing a 3D projection of the coordinate vector onto an imaginary 2D plane. The 2D plane can be transformed into a matrix of circuit elements, which can then be used to recursively solve each circuit element's current and voltage. The current and voltage information is then projected back into 3D space, following their previous projection vectors.

Check out our official TartanHacks submission on Devpost.