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Exercise Game (Exergame) for Improving Executive Function in Pre-Kindergarten Children

This work was created in the Infant Language and Learning Lab at CMU.

The goal of this research project is to observe the combined effects of exercsie and cognitive tasks on the improvement of executive function in pre-kindergarten children. There is a lot of prior literature of the effects of exercise or cognitive tasks on the executive function of pre-kindergarten children independently. Generally both note a very mild increase in the executive function, but not much. Cognitive tasks especially seem to have very little effect on pre-kindergarten children. Very few works attempt to combine the effects of both methods into one study.

To that end, we are creating an intervention that aims to either rule out whether or not pre-kindergarten children are effected much by cognitive tasks or if they are, can using both cognitive tasks and exercise in an intervention increase the effectiveness of training executive function. We are creating a game using a DDR dance pad that controls the flanker task. We are also incorporating game elements such as levels and gathering points in order to maintain engagement.

Links to the findings will posted when published.