Benefit Cabaret 2018

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Benefit Cabaret 2018

Nonprofit Evening of Songs About Growing Up and Childhood

I stage managed the 2018 Benefit Cabaret. This is a nonprofit event that contributes to the Alumni Theater Company. This nonprofit gives a voice and opportunity to young urban artists from our community to create theatrical work. We hope that our Cabaret’s theme of growing up and childhood this year will be especially poignant for the young artists at Alumni Theater Company whose ideas and talent we wish to illuminate with our contributions.

As a stage manager I was the point of contact for all things logistical. This was a smaller show so I worked a production staff of 5 members and a small tech crew. I managed 10 cast members and made sure that rehearsal ran smoothly as well as all of the logistics of the show from auditions, to rehearsals, and during the show were all covered.

I had an assistant who I trained to be a future main stage show stage manager.