January 21, 2018

Won 2nd Place + Best Hardware Hack + Hacker's Choice Award + IoT Prize at PennApps XVII

We really are passionate about hardware, however many hackers in the community, especially those studying software-focused degrees, miss out on the experience of working on projects involving hardware and experience in vertical integration. To remedy this, we came up with modware. Modware provides the toolkit for software-focused developers to branch out into hardware and/or to add some verticality to their current software stack with easy to integrate hardware interactions and displays.

The modware toolkit is a baseboard that interfaces with different common hardware modules through magnetic power and data connection lines as they are placed onto the baseboard. Once modules are placed on the board and are detected, the user then has three options with the modules: to create a "wired" connection between an input type module (LCD Screen) and an output type module (knob), to push a POST request to any user-provided URL, or to request a GET request to pull information from any user-provided URL. These three functionalities together allow a software-focused developer to create their own hardware interactions without ever touching the tedious aspects of hardware (easy hardware prototyping), to use different modules to interact with software applications they have already built (easy hardware interface prototyping), and to use different modules to create a physical representation of events/data from software applications they have already built (easy hardware interface prototyping).

Read more about the project on our Devpost page here.