Intelligent User Modeling

December 16, 2017

RAPT: Rapport Aligned Peer Tutor is a virtual agent tutoring system that incorporates social aspects of the teacher-student relationship to create a better virtual tutor than the current standard in virtual tutoring. One way to better build rapport and to be able to adapt new problems is to retain a model of the student.

In this research project, I look at how to use the interactions in the current system to inform a design for a user model mockup. Aspects such as what the student likes, what their preferences on the problem types are, any shared experiences in the tutoring session, etc. can all be stored in a user model and later be used to inform social actions that the virtual tutor can take.

An experimental run with the user model has not happened yet, but is a goal for the future of this project. More details can be found in the writeup: Interaction Informed Design of User Modeling for Rapport. An initial draft can be found here.

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