Facebook Discourse

November 17, 2017

Won Grand Prize - $10,000

You've probably noticed the prevalence of fake news and flaming happening in the political sphere on Facebook. Especially around political debates, such as the presidential debates during the 2016 presidential elections. We found 4 hour long videos with over 2 million comments, most of which were just people commenting hate speech or completely unrelated discussions.

Facebook Discourse attempts to alleviate both of these problems on the Facebook platform by digitizing live debates as they happen and moderating comments by encouraging commenters to add credible sources to their comments (monitored through a source credibility checker built into the backend). It will then present the debate in an easily digestible form, showing all of the new, independent topic on each side and drawing lines where rebuttals happen. Comment interaction is also shown in real time with an LED strip to show the swing of the debate as Facebook users comment and like each side of the debate.

During the Top 5 presentation, we presented to the VP of Tech - Oculus, VP of Tech - Facebook Messenger, VP of Tech - Instagram, and VP of Tech - WhatsApp. Winning Facebook Globals secured Carnegie Mellon as a top contender in the world for hackathons, as this marks the third year in a row that a team from Carnegie Mellon has taken Grand Prize at Facebook.