InvenTeX: Hardware Sorter

September 10, 2017

Won Best Hardware Hack at PennApps XVI

Have you ever finished up ECE lab or a small project like a PennApps hardware project and found that there were all of these screws, nuts, and resistors lying around everywhere? Or maybe you're just a hardware enthusiast but hate keeping track of all of your stuff (we like to do the old-fashioned way: the "hardware pile.") With InvenTeX, there is finally an easy solution to inventory maintenance. Gone are the days of hoping you have quarter inch threads and settling for glue, or even having to remember the resistor color code. InvenTeX does all for your inventory, so you can focus your all on your hardware.

InvenTeX identifies objects you want to keep in your inventory and helps you track them in groups so you don't have to. The workflow of InvenTeX is simple. When you first launch the app, you can choose to see what is in your inventory (at this point, nothing) and to insert something into InvenTeX.

Check out the full project on Devpost here.