EOI: Earth Observing Instrument

March 29, 2015

Part of NASA's Student Launch Initiative Competition - High School Division. Won First Place

The objective of this project is to design, construct, and operate an EOI (Earth Observing Instrument) that will capture aerial images and use a classification algorithm to determine the land features on captured images. Unlike Earth observation satellites, orbiting above us right now, covering large areas, our EOI will be used for local observations, trading lower coverage for quicker, higher resolution images. Our classification program will be trained by manually classifying ground elements and feeding that into our program in order to teach it.

We wrote extensive documentation for this project for reviewers from NASA Headquarters. These documents consisted of: Statement of Work, Preliminary Design Review, Critical Design Review, Flight Readiness Review, and Post Launch Assessment Review.

Writing of these documents and presenting to a panel of NASA Engineers was definitely one of the most educational experiences I've ever had. Especially back when I was still a junior in High School.

You can check out more of our official documentation and other media at the website for our project here.